Loaves and Fishes Foodstore

  Loaves and Fishes was founded in 2005 in support of the local community and aimed to help provide food staples for people experiencing hardship in the local area. The Loaves & Fishes Foodstore supports 4,700 families and growing rapidly throughout the Coffs Coast by providing them with groceries at about one-third of supermarket prices. Food and household items are sourced from Foodbank Australia and other local businesses.


Although we provide many riding activities for our members, we are not a ride group or a Christian club. The Road Riders For Jesus is a ministry. As we ride the highways and back roads, we seek to fulfil the GREAT COMMISSION of our Lord by sharing the Good News of Salvation with others, especially those of the motorcycling world. The Road Riders For Jesus is an exciting and extremely rapid growing motorcycling ministry with a motto that says it all: “Motorcyclists With A Mission”.


Road Riders for jesus